How far would you go without your salary?

This is a question at the forefront of every conversation that we have with our clients when discussing their protection needs. At Homeline, we always aim to go the extra mile for you and offer you a holistic view of your financial situation not only at present, but in the future if any eventuality were to happen to you or one of your loved ones.
Most of us have nowhere near the savings buffer that will allow us to make ends meet if we were to stop working due to illness. In fact, 57% of UK households have less than £5,000 in cash savings (1).
When thinking about how to protect your family, it is important to consider not only the basics of Life Insurance and/or Critical Illness Insurance to cover your mortgage, but also discuss with our advisers Income Protection insurance. After all, more than a third of us will be unable to work for longer than 2 months before retiring and that will not necessarily be because of a Critical Illness (2)
With more 97% of insurance claims being paid (3) and policies being more and more flexible to adapt to all budgets, there is really no excuse to protect your family and yourself against the financial implication of a long-term illness. After all, to protect your home does not mean to protect your house, but the people that lives within it.

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(1) FCA Cash savings market study report (Jan 2015)
(2) Hannover Re 2017, based on a 30 y.o. retiring at 65
(3) ABI (Association of British Insurers