Number of single property landlords affected by tax changes have doubled

The National Landlords Association has reported that the number of single property landlords who anticipate that they will move into a higher tax bracket as a result of recent changes has almost doubled since 2016.

The NLA says that 16 per cent of landlords with a single property now say the changes will push them into a higher income tax bracket – a rise of 7 per cent from Q4 2016.

Individuals who only let out a single property are by far the most prevalent type of landlord, the association says, representing approximately 62 per cent of the UK’s landlord population.

The NLA says that any single property landlords forced up a tax bracket would need to increase the rent by more than 11 per cent in order to continue to make a steady yield from the property, which equates to as much as £116 per calendar month more for the average rental property.

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