When is your mortgage provider increasing its rate?

Lloyds Banking Group

Has confirmed the rate of its tracker mortgage will increase on December 1. It has not yet announced changes to its Standard Variable Rate.


Will also raise its tracker and SVR rates on December 1. Its Base Mortgage Rate and Standard Mortgage Rate mortgages will increase to 2.5pc and 3.99pc respectively.


Said all tracker mortgage rates will rise in line with the Bank Rate increase at the start of December. Variable rates will be reviewed, and price changes will be communicated with customers.

Yorkshire Building Society

Will cease to sell new tracker mortgages from 8pm tonight. These will be under review. It is raising the rate of its SVRs from 4.74pc to 4.99pc on December 10.


Tracker mortgages rates will rise 0.25 percentage points as of midnight tonight. It said it will be reviewing the rates of its fixed deals and SVRs in light of the Bank of England’s decision.

Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank

Has confirmed its Bank Rate linked mortgages will also increase in line with the rise. This will be in effect from tomorrow.


Will increase its mortgage rates by 0.25 percentage points from December 1. It’s SVR will go up to 4.99pc from 4.74pc.


Variable rate mortgages will increase by 0.25 percentage points on December 1.

Skipton Building Society

Confirmed it has “no plans” to increase its SVR for mortgage customers.

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